Daily Cruise Porto Cheli to Dokos Hydra & Round of Hydra
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RIB specs:

9.9 - 11.9 meter RIB equipped with dual powerful up to 300hp V8 engines

Cruising speed:

34 knots

Vessel Max Occupancy:

8-9 passengers

What to Expect

Embark on an unforgettable odyssey from the enchanting port of Porto Cheli at the stroke of 10:00 am. Our exclusive boat cruise will whisk you away to the Greek paradise destinations of Dokos and Hydra, promising a day of pure bliss on the shimmering Aegean waters.

As you step onto our luxurious vessel, you'll be greeted by the promise of adventure. Our crew, seasoned seafarers with warm smiles, will guide you on a journey like no other. The itinerary? A masterpiece of exploration and relaxation.

Dokos Island

Our first destination, Dokos Island. Embark on a captivating maritime journey as you set sail from Porto Cheli to the enigmatic island of Dokos. The azure waters of the Argosaronic Gulf will be your canvas, while the rugged charm of Dokos Island serves as your destination. Explore this secluded gem, bask in its pristine beaches, and immerse yourself in the allure of Dokos during this unforgettable half-day cruise.

Round of Hydra

Experience the ultimate adventure on our Round of Hydra Half Day Cruise. As you circumnavigate the timeless beauty of Hydra, the ever-changing views will keep you captivated. Witness Hydra's charming town, its picturesque harbor, and its charming streets from a unique perspective. This is your opportunity to discover the magic of this island in a half-day excursion that promises to leave you spellbound

Onboard, our boat is a treasure trove of delights. Indulge in fine wines, savor refreshing beers, and enjoy a feast of fresh fruits, a sumptuous brunch, and delectable snacks. The day's adventures are perfectly complemented by these culinary delights.

Safety and peace of mind are our priorities, with comprehensive insurance coverage ensuring your well-being throughout the journey.

Back to Base

Finally, as the clock strikes 18:30 pm, we'll return to where it all began, Porto Cheli. Disembark with a heart full of cherished memories, knowing you've experienced the magic of Greece's enchanting islands.

This boat cruise is more than a journey; it's a symphony of experiences, a day of exploration, culture, relaxation, and adventure. Book your ticket now and join us for an Aegean voyage you'll treasure forever.


    10.00 am

  • Porto Cheli


    18.30 pm

  • Porto Cheli

Inclusive services
  • Skipper fees

  • VAT (Value Added Tax)

  • Fuel costs

  • ice & Refreshing water

  • Fine wines

  • Assorted Beers

  • Delightful array of fresh fruits

  • A scrumptious brunch

  • Delectable snacks

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage

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