Half Day Cruise Round of Hydra
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RIB specs:

9.9 - 11.9 meter RIB equipped with dual powerful up to 300hp V6 engines

Cruising speed:

34 knots

Vessel Max Occupancy:

8-9 passengers

What to Expect

Boarding at Hydra Main Port and step into a world of luxury adventure. Our professional crew welcomes you on board a sleek and modern RIB, setting the stage for an exclusive exploration of Hydra's coastal wonders.

Coastal Cruise and Hidden Coves

Feel the exhilaration as the RIB propels you along the Hydra coastline. Marvel at the rugged cliffs and discover hidden coves accessible only by boat. The journey unfolds with a visit to the mesmerizing Limnioniza Bay, where the crystal-clear waters and tranquil surroundings create a perfect oasis for relaxation and contemplation.

Relaxation and Refreshments

Anchor in the serene embrace of Limnioniza Bay for a leisurely break. Immerse yourself in the luxury of the RIB, where sunbeds invite you to unwind. Indulge in complimentary refreshments, savoring the moment as the gentle sea breeze accompanies your blissful retreat.

Coastal Exploration and Landmarks

Resume your coastal odyssey, passing by iconic landmarks and charming villages. Your knowledgeable guide shares insights into Hydra's rich history and culture. As the RIB glides through the azure waters, discover the allure of St. Nicholas Beach, a pristine stretch of sand where the sea meets the sun-drenched shores in perfect harmony.

Final Leg and Return to Hydra Main Port

Embark on the final leg of your journey, capturing the essence of St. George Beach, another jewel in Hydra's coastal crown. Feel the vibrancy of the island as you approach Hydra Main Port, completing your exploration with a sense of awe and fulfillment.

Farewell and Departure

Bid farewell to the crew with gratitude for an extraordinary experience. Depart from Hydra Main Port, carrying with you the memories of an unforgettable 4-hour luxury RIB tour, where Limnioniza Bay, St. Nicholas Beach, and St. George Beach unveiled their unique charms in the embrace of opulence and adventure.


    10.00 am

  • Hydra


    14.00 pm

  • Hydra

Inclusive services
  • Skipper fees

  • VAT (Value Added Tax)

  • Fuel costs

  • ice & Refreshing water

  • Fine wines

  • Assorted Beers

  • Delightful array of fresh fruits

  • A scrumptious brunch

  • Delectable snacks

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage

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